Friday, August 29, 2008

Enjoy your vacation with the Club Mahindra membership

Have you ever felt at home while vacationing? Imagining yourself at a place where nature is closer to you is the best feeling that one can have but how about making this dream into a reality? Holidays can be great fun only if you opt for the right holiday planner.

The Club Mahindra membership gives you a golden chance to plan your vacation in an orderly manner and experience a holiday of a lifetime. The membership plan is meant particularly to sprinkle a pinch of affection in your vacation and so that you remember the time spent outside home forever.

This Lifetime membership follows a "lifelong association". Be it your 25th anniversary, your kid's birthday or just another reason to holiday, you can depend on the Lifetime membership offer, which spans over a period of 25 years. The latter is for ones who prefer planning before going on a vacation. This is a more secured way of planning for a holiday.

The different plans that are under the Club Mahindra membership offer include a Normal Planning offer and the Smarter Planning offer. The first is an option made out of desperation and lack of proper planning in vacation, i.e., the accommodation is not sure until reaching the holiday destination.

The Club Mahindra membership is designed to provide Club Mahindra members with most facilities while on a vacation and to take holidaying to the next level of enjoyment. From special zone for children to various activities, it's all about holidaying with a difference with the Club Mahindra resort all over the country and abroad. Our members experience a fabulous ambience, hospitality and more at the Club Mahindra resorts. Everyone feels special with the Club Mahindra membership and not every time one gets such an opportunity.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Club Mahindra Membership-For that great travel extravaganza!

Planning for a great vacation can be intimidating. However, who can escape from the thought of being in the arms of Mother Nature and relaxing, forgetting all worries. Vacationing is meant for rejuvenation, relaxation and enjoying away from the native place and Club Mahindra membership just adds on to the garnishing.

Club Mahindra membership comes with a lifetime opportunity for all travel freaks to plan a vacation that turns out to be memorable for the entire life. The membership plan is particularly for adding some spice and adventure in your vacation unlike just another travel package. And, these days, who doesn't long for a great vacation, especially in this fast paced world when one gets everything from planning to accommodation and site seeing.

Club Mahindra is based on the principle of making a lifetime relationship with its members through the Club Mahindra membership. Whether you are celebrating your anniversary or a just about any other celebration, the Club Mahindra membership would always be handy for making any travel decision. The first is a choice is a Normal planning offer, made when nothing is planned and is the preparation happens in a hurry. In this, the accommodation is not guaranteed until one has finally arrived at the destination. The next plan i.e., the Smarter Planning offer, covers a planned holiday that is more secured and the person opting for it is more certain of his/her accommodation.

Club Mahindra membership is prepared keeping in consideration of the Club Mahindra members and to provide them with high class holidaying experience. From special kid's zone to various activities, one can experience a holiday of a lifetime. Incredible ambience teamed up with great adventure gives you a golden opportunity to enjoy yourself and to restart your daily schedule afresh.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So, where are taking your employee for a vacation?

Stress has become quite common these days, whether among professionals, students homemakers or children. Too much of it can make one loose his/her mental stability that can harm one physically as well.

Packed schedule often tends to become monotonous and takes away the excitement in life. One does try to perform his best under pressure but at a certain level, one gives up. One of the best and the most enjoyable way to relax is to go on a vacation. Vacation becomes more enjoyable when it is spent in a new place, as one takes a break from the same old native place and gets a chance to explore many new things. Many corporate houses encourage corporate outings as a way to boost the morale of the employees and motivate them to give their best for the betterment of the organization.

In case, you are looking for a travel package for your company, Club Mahindra vacation packages give you endless options to choose from. In case, you want to get away from the city noise, Binsar is a place that will enchant you in its quietness and natural beauty. Kodaikanal, Auli and Mussoorie are some of the most beautiful hill stations of India where you get to enjoy the cool breeze and mesmerizing sight of mountains covered in clouds. Soak up the sun on the beaches or experience the blue sea meeting the green backwaters of Poovar. Corbett is known to be wildlife lovers’ paradise. Club Mahindra vacation packages include a wide range of holiday packages that suit well with your budget.

Reinvent yourself and get away from the hustle bustle of the city life. Bring in a fresh change in your work and help build bonds among employee by opting for Club Mahindra vacation packages.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let Club Mahindra be your Indian bioscope!

For a country as diverse as India, it is a perfect blend of the past heritage and preserved culture, coupled with the rapidly catching up modern life. The urbanization of the Indian cities has led to a sound drive against the negligence of the cultural heritage and ancient monuments of India.

The tourism in India is benefited from the many tourist destinations of the innumerable famous caves, hill stations, beautiful valleys, magnum architectural heritages. From snow covered mountains to the tropical weather of Kerela to the moderate, hustle-bustle life of Mumbai, Kolkata to the enduring and undiscovered villages and small towns across the Western Ghats, India has a cluster of paradises within a paradise itself. It has something for every Holidayer.

The Indian Holidays with Club Mahindra focuses on the adventure element also which is a popular part of the itinerary of the many tourists and young visitors at the mountains and valleys. From river rafting to rock climbing, para-gliding to many adventure sports, Club Mahindra resorts across the country, lay special emphasis on your craving adventure needs. Indian Holidays with Club Mahindra gets better with a host of resorts to choose from. From the excellent service to the modernized, advanced stay to special rooms for games and fun to the swimming pools and kids’ zone, Club Mahindra makes holidaying in India, an experience to cherish throughout the lifetime.

For your every taste, you will get a bite of the real India through the Indian Holidays with Club Mahindra. The resorts are specifically placed at locations with scenic beauty wherein, your site-seeing is kept in mind. But with the excellent accommodations, impressive room-servicing and loads of surprises within the resort, the Club Mahindra resort is in itself an experience worth staying in.

Happy Holidaying and enjoy exploring the Indian beauty!

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Home away from Home with Club Mahindra Membership

How often have you felt like being at home but yet on a holiday, at a more picturesque location and with a more peace of mind? Holidays can be refreshing but at the same time it can get complicated and tiring, unless you choose the right holiday planner for yourself.

The Club Mahindra membership provides you with an opportunity to enjoy and share experiences of a lifetime through its fruitful membership plan. This membership plan is specifically targeted at adding the touch of warmth and lets you bring back fond memories on every special occasion of your life.

The Lifetime membership is based on the principle of long-term association targeted by the Club Mahindra membership offer. Whether it is your sons birthday or the 25th marriage anniversary celebration, you can rely upon the Lifetime membership offer, spanning over a period of 25 years.

The various plans covered under the Lifetime membership offer of the Club Mahindra membership includes Normal Planning offer and the Smarter Planning offer. The former offer is a choice made out of desperation and lack of planned vacation, wherein, the accommodation is not guaranteed until reaching the destination. The latter is a more planned and secure way of planning your holidays, wherein, you can surprise your loved ones on special occasions close to your heart.

The Membership plan of Club Mahindra is specifically designed at providing due attention to the club members and taking the holiday experience of every individual member to a new level of satisfaction. From kids zone to special holiday activity, its all happening at the Club Mahindra resort across the country. The members experiences give an insight into the eventful yet relaxing ambience and excellence in services at all the Club Mahindra resorts.

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